Chairman's Message

Al Irshad Education Trust is charitable trust administered by Sayyid Hashim KVK as the chairman. The trust is situated in, cherukulamba, vattalloor P.O , Malappuram Dt of Kerala state, a remote but vibrant in its scenic nature of the locality.

The trust aims to uplift the backward communities of the area through providing excellent and marvellous education facilities from the bottom level to top. It strives to carve the most calibre human resources through setting up of job oriented training institutes and colleges. The trust aims to have a well behaved work force in the society, so that it makes up the workforce to adjust all working environments and therefore, the trust utilises all its energy to develop the internal skill of the students, prospective work force and the working class through different types of training.

Teaching, practicing communal harmony is one of the objectives of the trust. The trust tunes the students to rejuvenate their internal aesthetic strength by opening the campus for exposing their artistic, sports and games talents.

Again, a healthy new generation is the strength of nation . Thus the trust administers heath clubs , sporting facilities to the students.

Quality education is the dream of every society . Now a days it will attained only by spending more money. Al Irshad Education Trust is a non profit organisation and it finds out its resources for running through contributions of good hearted people ,well wishers and through Zakath collections we have to march long distance on the corridors of higher education and we are striving for that.